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UPDATE 2: Nog geen ‘echte’ STI, wel een STI tS (zie comments)

Toffe jongens, daar bij Subaru. Flikten ze het onlangs om een conceptmodel zonder tekst en uitleg op een salon te droppen, dan laten ze nu enkele welgemikte teasers op ons los en zwijgen ze daarbij opnieuw in alle talen. Waar Fuji Heavy ons precies mee wil plagen, is gelukkig meteen duidelijk: met de Subaru BRZ STI.


Is het toeval dat Subaru’s STI-afdeling de teaserbeelden losliet enkele dagen nadat uitlekte dat Toyota voorlopig geen plannen heeft voor een drukgevoede GT86? Dat is niet duidelijk, maar in elk geval draaide de geruchtenmolen sinds de lancering van de Toyobaru over een snellere Hachi-Roku op volle toeren, terwijl Fuji Heavy het eerder op een radiostilte hield. Een goeie twee jaar nadat Subaru met z’n BRZ STI Concept de salons afstruinde lijkt het dan eindelijk menens te worden.

Of dat automatisch betekent dat Subaru zal teruggrijpen naar drukvoeding, is echter nog lang niet duidelijk. Enerzijds is de vraag in welke mate een turbo het rijgedrag beïnvloedt nooit ver weg, en zweert Subaru in z’n teaser bij purity of handling. Anderzijds heeft de boxermotor van 200 pk niet veel marge meer om zonder compressie nog veel extra paarden van stal te halen. Bovendien is de Forester al verkrijgbaar met een turboblok op basis van de BRZ-boxer dat goed is voor 240 pk, en zou dat al een slok op de borrel schelen qua ontwikkelingskosten. Tot slot zijn er zelfs geruchten dat Subaru met een soort KERS-hybridesysteem bezig is.


Wat wel al duidelijker lijkt, is dat de BRZ zijn zeventienduimers op Prius-rubber overboord zou gooien ten voordele van meer plakkerig en performance-gericht achttienduimsrubber. Maar voorlopig is de enige zekerheid dus dat er een STI-versie zit aan te komen. Meer informatie volgt allicht in Frankfurt volgende maand, of in Tokio in november.

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  1. Bovenstaande betreft een STi tS. Geen full-blown STi versie dus. tS staat trouwens voor tuned by STi.

    BRZ STi tS Confirmed. Teased on Official Website
    UPDATED INFO (Source: http://www.7tune.com/news-the-facts-…sti-ts-version):


    August 5, 2013 by Adam Zillin

    No sooner had Subaru updated their STi website yesterday about the imminent release of a car wearing STi badges that the internet went berserk, with several major outlets claiming that an STi BRZ was imminent. The usual turbocharged rumours followed but I’m here with some facts from the source in order to clean the mess up…

    The fact is, the STi website was updated yesterday with a few vague photos and this happened to coincide with the 86 festival at Fuji Speedway where Subaru unveiled their latest BRZ package. What a lot of people don’t realize or understand is that a “tS” branded Subaru and an “STi” branded Subaru are very different creatures.

    Firstly, the bad news. There is no turbo charger. The BRZ tS will sport the same 200hp flat four boxer from the standard edition. It will also carry the same exhaust system as the standard car. Don’t be entirely disappointed though…

    Subaru have dubbed their new model the BRZ tS for a few reasons. There appears to be quite a bit of confusion among a great many people as to what the difference is between a “tS” and an “STi”. Well, think of a tS Subaru as the “Light Tune” version of Subaru models. The parts are still made by STi but that’s where the market placement ends. The tS moniker literally stands for “Tuned by STi” and in most instances, mods are restricted to bolt on accessories in the exterior and interior departments with a few in reserve for the chassis and drivetrain.

    An STi on the other hand is more of a “works package” with a lot more engine and drivetrain modifications thrown into the mix along with the afformentioned parts for the tS.

    The BRZ tS will come in two grades, the BRZ tS “GT-package” and the standard BRZ tS package. What’s the difference you might be asking? Not a great deal, if you’re looking for a power upgrade unfortunately. The tS “GT pack” will come with a number of exterior mods including a dry carbon GT wing that was pulled from the Impreza RA STi parts shelf along with black multi spoke alloy wheels, Recaro front seats, shift knob, steering wheel button, kidney grill inserts, upgraded fog lamps and surrounding garnish, front under spoiler and side steps, strengthened driveshaft, Bilstein suspension upgrade and almost pointlessly, 6 pot Brembo brakes. 200hp will not take a lot of stopping.

    The Standard BRZ tS makes do with a wingless arrangement, silver alloys and less trim additions, including the Recaro seats. Other than that, both have similar specs and both will come in 6 speed manual and automatic configurations. Subaru have announced that they will create 500 tS BRZ’s with the GT spec getting an allotment of 250 units.

    Both cars are available for pre-order from Subaru from the 18th of this month with production to start in October and delivery shortly afterwards.

    Prices for the GT package in Manual will start at around ¥4,090,000 ( USD $41,500 / AUD $46,600 ) with the slushbox tacking on another ¥100,000 ( USD $1000 / AUD $1150 ). As with so many special models from Subaru, neither of these cars is designated for international release.

    This is sure to come as ( perhaps only slightly ) disappointing news for a lot of people, as many had anticipated a turbo release from Subaru but despite the erroneous claims on the internet by other outlets, along with claiming that there is no room in the engine bay for such a modification, Subaru is keeping very quiet about rumoured plans to include a full blown, official STi version to the lineup; something that anyone with enough forward thinking would realise is almost certain to happen in the future.

    When that does happen is up for argument and debate but in the meantime, the aftermarket manufacturers have tuning enthusiasts covered for power upgrades.

    One last point to consider is the timing for this release. Subaru plans to unveil a face-lifted model for the BRZ in October – at the same time these will officially go into production so what you are looking at is essentially a face-lift version of the 2014 release.

    Words – Adam Zillin
    Source – Subaru Japan

    My original post:

    Subaru BRZ tS (tS = tuned by STI) is coming soon as confirmed by the current splash screen on the STI homepage: http://www.sti.jp/

    Leaked from the Clubrz Facebook page (original link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?f…16614845135311):

    Translated caption:
    [From ‪ # clubrz ‬] “SUBARU / STI comes up that car. Rumor exhibited at FUJI 86 style with BRZ 2013!?”

    Will be held at Fuji Speedway on Sunday, August 04, “FUJI 86 Style with BRZ”. CLUBRZ events already been set, countdown held has been started. SUBARU / STI booth will also be installed at the venue, will participate vehicle exhibition, demonstration run, and also stage events.

    From SUBARU / STI, is done SUBARU BRZ you dress up attached demonstration run of SUBARU BRZ GT300, SUBARU BRZ RA Racing One Make Race specification car, the STI parts, the exhibition of SUBARU BRZ tS concept for the first time and additionally published. In addition, we plan and talk show Tatsumi Eiji STI team general director, stage appearance of BREEZ (SUPER GT girls), and STI product sales booth.

    Do not miss this opportunity to everyone of BRZ fan!

    SUBARU / STI exhibitors to “FUJI 86 style with BRZ 2013”: http://www.sti.jp/news/2013/13017.html


    • This will be offered in Japan as a “complete car” in a similar fashion to STI versions of other models such as Forester, Legacy, and [one Americans are familiar with] WRX: http://www.sti.jp/product/previousmodel/index.html

    • Unlike the current STI parts available for the BRZ, this package seems to add a front STI badge, STI chrome fender trim, GT wing, BBK, and journalist/photo leaks have shown prototype STI dampers by Bilstein.

    • Spy shots when this was under development at the Nurburgring: http://www.ft86club.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21113

    • “STI is working on finalizing creation of the special version of BRZ, which would be unveiled in “some time” (secret). Turbocharger is NOT in the concept of this greatly balanced FR sports car, so we would concentrate our developments on suspension, handling, performance improvements and sports styling. The turbocharged version of BRZ will remain only in GT300 Championship.”
    -Hiroyuki Karamatsu, President of Subaru Tecnica International Inc. (STI)

    • Toyota will not turbo the FR-S: http://jalopnik.com/scion-will-not-b…fr-s-975053693

  2. Wim Bervoets says:

    Kijk eens aan, bedankt voor de update! Dus dit wordt eerder iets zoals de TRD voor de GT86 is? En een ‘echte’ STI komt er dan later aan, als ik de voorlaatste paragraaf goed begrijp.

  3. Vish says:

    Hallo? Subaru Hasselt? Beselt alvast zo’n BRZ STI voor mij! … Hoezo nog niets officieel? … Ge belt gewoon naar Japan en ge zegt: “gimme gimme gimme got customers”… Betaling? Goh ja, ik verkoop hier wel een stuk grond, een nier en mijn ziel en da komt dik in orde!

    … :p

  4. Yannick says:

    Hoewel ik helemaal voor N/A ben vind ik het toch spijtig dat we waarschijnlijk nooit een drukgevoede BRZ/GT86 zullen zien. De setup schreeuwt gewoon om meer vermogen met een chasis dat zoveel potentieel heeft.

  5. Pieter Ameye says:

    Dit is em dan. Gelimiteerd tot 500 exemplaren

    subaru brz st

    BRZ tS details:

    225/40ZR18 (92Y) tires (Michelin Pilot Super Sport)
    STI designed 18-inch x 7 1/2J aluminum wheels (silver)
    Brembo front 17-inch opposed 4-pot ventilated disc brake with “STI” logo
    Brembo rear 17-inch opposed 2-pot ventilated disc brake with “STI” logo
    STI designed rear suspension link with pillow ball bush (trailing link front, lateral link front inside & rear inside)
    STI tuned strut and STI coil springs for front suspension
    STI tuned damper and STI coil springs for rear suspension
    STI designed flexible tower bar, front
    STI designed flexible draw stiffener, front
    STI designed large-diameter driveshaft
    Exclusively-tuned VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control)
    Exclusively-tuned filter for Sound Creator®*2
    STI designed front under spoiler
    STI designed front fender garnish with “STI” logo
    Exclusively-made “STI” ornament (front & rear), “tS” ornament (rear)
    Exclusively-made front seat with “STI” logo and red stitch
    [Alcantara®*3 (gray punching) / leather (gray), “STI” logo, gray stitch, front seat heater, SRS side airbag]
    Exclusively-made leather lapped steering wheel (with “STI” ornament and red stitch)
    STI designed leather shift knob (manual transmission) / select lever (automatic transmission) with “STI” logo
    Exclusively-made speedometer with “STI” logo
    Exclusively-made speedometer visor [Alcantara® (black), black stitch]
    Carbon tone instrument panel
    STI designed push engine switch with “STI” logo (red)
    Exclusively-made aluminum side sill plate with “tS” logo
    STI designed leather access key cover (red)
    -Equipments for GT PACKAGE-
    STI designed 18-inch x 7 1/2J aluminum wheels (black)
    STI designed dry carbon rear spoiler (2 angle adjustable)
    Recaro designed front bucket seat
    [Alcantara® (gray punching) / leather (gray), “STI” logo, gray stitch, SRS side airbag]
    *2: Sound Creator® is the registered trademark of MAHLE Filter S

  6. Arthur Vanderplaetsen says:

    & de Subaru BRZ Sti toont zich nu ook al in beweging. Zij het slechts voor de lege 16 seconden….

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