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We sturen je per e-mail een wachtwoord toe. Soms komt deze e-mail in je spambox terecht.

Chuck Norris verjaart normaal niet. Maar voor zijn zeventigste maakte hij graag een uitzondering en trakteerde zichzelf op de enige wagen die zijn legendarische persoon waardig is: een Nissan GT-R. Waarom dat net een vierwielaangedreven Japanner en geen Ford pick-up is, ontdek je in de beste ChuckNorrisFacts-traditie hieronder.


1. A tsunami that hit the Oregon Coast reportedly caused by an earthquake in Japan was actually the result of early engine dyno runs by the GT-R.

2. Running the GT-R’s A/C with the windows down will reverse global warming. On max it will cause the next Ice Age.

3. Han Solo thought the Millennium Falcon was fast until he drove the GT-R.

4. Driving a GT-R Walter Rohrl completed TWO full laps of the Nurburgring in 7.48. He can no longer bring himself to drive a Porsche and will demo the GT-R’s air conditioning at Nissan press launches.

5. The GT-R has no tachometer.
Its engine speed is measured on the Richter Scale.

6. The GT-R can touch MC Hammer. In fact the GT-R ran his ass over.

7. Some people wear Superman pajamas. Superman wears GT-R pajamas.

8. When the GT-R launches, it isn’t moving forward.
It’s pushing the Earth back.

9. Used oil from the GT-R isn’t recycled.
It’s used as the major ingredient in energy drinks.

10. There is no such thing as a lesbian.
Just a woman who has never been on a date with a guy in a GT-R.

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