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We sturen je per e-mail een wachtwoord toe. Soms komt deze e-mail in je spambox terecht.


Geef toe: het beeld hierboven intrigeert, of je nu een BMW-fan bent of niet. Kan ook moeilijk anders met enkele klassiekers en een Hercules C130 van de Britse Royal Air Force in de hoofdrol. De vraag is alleen: hoe belandden die samen op de foto? Een ongelooflijk verhaal en nog betere VHS-beelden na de sprong!

Talking to somebody who was present, Britain’s Royal Air Force was using the same airfield as a staging ground for its skydiving team. The C130 “Hercules” was taking the parachutists up, but the accommodating crew also offered the chance of a lifetime to the BMW guys. Not only did they take everybody up in the cargo hold for a few laps of the local desert, but they buzzed the track a few times and taxied up for a photo.

And when we say buzzed, there are several clips where you can see the plane is a few feet above the heads of the spectators, causing several to ‘hit the dirt’ as it came over.

It’s truly an amazing video and some impressive flying. Sadly, we hear the RAF crew got a roasting for their antics after some US Marine pilots reported their activities, but you’ve got to love the Brits for having a go!

[Bron: EuroTuner via het immer genietbare Motoring Con Brio]