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Ze hebben ons tot de laatste minuut doen wachten, maar ‘t was £µ$¨%£ de moeite waard!

The stunts I perform in Gymkhana THREE, Part 2 are without a doubt the craziest stuff I have ever attempted behind the wheel,” said Block. “We knew in order to out do the previous films, we’d really have to take it to the next level, and since you can’t kickflip a car, the location needed to allow me to do things never done before in car. Sure, I’ve seen people drift banks, but never ones this steep, and never head on. I treated the Autodrome’s 51-degree wall like a quarter pipe and it was awesome. Awesomely sketchy! Who knew you could do a wall ride in a car?

Wat voorafging…

Als alles meezit, krijgen we de langverwachte opvolger van Gymkhana 2 (die het recent tot één van de beste virals aller tijden schopte) vandaag eindelijk te zien – waarschijnlijk rond een uur of negen. Maar vooraleer het zover is, excuseert Ken Block zich persoonlijk voor het marketinggezeik dat Gymkhana 3.1 van een paar weken geleden was. En belooft hij in één adem dat dit deel “a dramatic and raw driving performance like never seen before” zal zijn…


Lots of stories behind this [Gymkhana 3.1] whole thing, one being that everything we do we try and have a good time with and try and make things different, and if you do the same things over and over again, people are going to get bored also, so trying to do something like the music video to me was in a way trying to one up the infomercial idea and do something in such a way that would be cool and different.

But, with marketing, you can’t have a hit with absolutely everything and you can’t make everybody happy with every piece that you do. So I’m more stoked on the idea than the final execution because I feel like I really like the Cool Kids, but I feel like the track that they made for us maybe isn’t at the level that we were expecting.

And I think it’s a good track, but it definitely could have been more in tune with what we do. So it’s one of those things that’s a great idea but the execution to me wasn’t perfect. I really like the idea and I really like what we produced but I just had higher expectations for some of the components of it.

[Citaat: 0-60 Magazine]