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Rennfahrer Biberle is het best bewaarde geheim van de contemporaine F1. Beschouw hem gerust als ‘de Stig’ van de Koninginneklasse, ‘de Helm’ in Bernie’s circus of ‘de Witte’ van de pitstraat – want zijn identiteit is even anoniem als die van de Top Gear-piloot (tenminste tot die besliste om in de clinch te gaan met de BBC en munt uit zijn cultstatus te slaan, maar da’s een ander verhaal). Biberle is veel menselijker, maakt al eens een fout en laat zich geregeld Eddie Irvine-gewijs gaan. Wie dit weekend goed uitkijkt, zou hem wel eens in de Williams-box kunnen spotten…

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En dan de ware toedracht vanop

Rennfahrer / Racedriver Biberle

How it all began.

For the 2009 season I decided to try and combine my passion for photography along side my full time job as Rubens’ physio at the Brawn GP F1 team. I wanted to find a theme that would fit into my working day and could develop over the course of the year.

My intention was to show Formula One in a different light. It would have been impossible to take photos while I was at work and the cars were running, so I left that side of things to the pro’s while I focused on something a little more fun… I finally came up with Biberle (the name actually comes from my childhood!)
I was searching for a character in a model racing car that expressed humour and a certain comical brilliance – which wasn’t easy to find!

Indeed the choice of model F1 cars is almost limitless, but at the end of the day they were all a bit too…serious for my needs. Plus, if you wanted a driver inside one that actually shows a hint of expression it gets quite difficult!
After a long time searching I finally came across one and started to take photos, trying to capture all the iconic scenes of the circuits we go to. At first I got some strange looks from people in the paddock, but when they eventually saw the pictures they could see the irony and the funny side of it. Some of the professionals even said they were cool!

So, Biberele became my little travelling companion throughout the 2009 Formula One season. From the cold winds at the Nurburgring, to the bright lights at Abu Dhabi, I enjoyed taking photos of him at every single racetrack!
I hope you enjoy viewing them.
Thanks, Achim.
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