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We sturen je per e-mail een wachtwoord toe. Soms komt deze e-mail in je spambox terecht.

Honderd Britse Ponden oftewel 120 Euro’s – dat moet volgens blogger Darryl Sleath volstaan om een onvergetelijk autoweekend in mekaar te boksen. Beter nog: je eigen wagen komt er nauwelijks aan te pas (tenzij om naar de luchthaven te rijden) terwijl Europa’s beste wegen toch binnen handbereik liggen. Het enige wat je daarvoor moet doen, is een vlucht boeken en de slagzin Don’t be gentle, it’s a rental mantragewijs blijven scanderen tot het weekend voorbij is…

Dit kan dus wel eens een nieuwe trend worden:


If only there were a quicker, cheaper and risk free way of getting to the best driving roads in Europe. “Hang on a minute lads, I’ve got a great idea!” came Rich’s response in broken Michael Caine cockney. Several weeks later came a firmed up plan for a 24 hour dash to Milan, travelling light with Easyjet, Fiat 500 rental cars and a route up through the Stelvio Pass to a rustic B&B for a frosty one. The basic jolly came in for a shade under £100, including the Peroni! It didn’t matter that weren’t in snarling snot-green GT3s. Here were a dozen pals in equally matched cars that couldn’t have been more quintessentially Italian. Sure, you had to flog those 68 horses hard on the way up, but every one of the 48 first gear switchbacks was a hoot.


Zeker als je volgende tips & tricks beacht:

Take the extra “super-duper” damage insurance, or whatever that particular firm calls it. Your car could easily pick up the odd battle scar on these roads. For about £20 extra it’s well worth it, as most rental companies would disagree with my lovely wife’s mistaken belief that scratches and scrapes “add character” to a car. Also make sure you return your vehicle completely full of fuel, and insist on a final invoice before you return the keys to avoid any nasty hidden charges later on.

En deze bronnen raadpleegt:

Planning your Mental Rental adventure is the fun part. If you need inspiration then have a look at which divides the continent into doable chunks of great driving experiences. We also found the biker’s website was especially helpful for those planning a motoring trip like ours. Google maps is great for itinerary planning, setting up waypoints to regroup at and helping to find the perfect hotel along the way. That’s what we’re already doing in preparation for our next trip. I don’t want to give too much away but it may involve a posse of Dacia Sanderos and 60 miles of little known tarmac looping through the Carpathian Mountains. I can’t wait. [Words: Darryl Sleath]

[Photos, Quotes de rest van het verhaal op MotorMorph – ‘s mans eigen blog alhier]