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In deze zeven minuten durende slideshow zien we een greep uit het analoge foto-archief van voormalig F1 fotograaf Rainer W. Schlegelmilch. Als beeldenmaker in de gouden tijden van de F1 verzamelde hij zo’n 120.000 unieke clichés die de tijdsgeest en bovenal mentaliteit perfect kaderen. Zowel op, als naast het circuit met uiteraard voldoende vrouwelijk schoon…

Op de beelden zien we grote namen zoals Jim Clark, Colin Chapman, Keith Duckworth, Mike Spence, Jochen en Nina Rindt, Graham Bette, Damon Hill met zijn bevallige zussen, Bruce McLaren, Maria Regazzoni, Helen en Jackie Stewart, Emerson Fittipaldi, Mike Hailwood en David Thieme. Dat deze beelden hun weg naar het wereld wijde web vonden, hebben we te danken aan de zoon van Rainer, Boris, die achteraf in de voetsporen van zijn vader trad. En die wist nog het volgende:

I am not 100% sure but I believe I was begotten in the night of the Le Mans 24 hours 1969, in a small mudded tent besides the track and its roaring machines, when my father took a short break from his race photographer deployment – because I was born exactly 9 months later. In my childhood I was fascinated by the pictures when my father came home from his journeys, anyway living in a large museum at home with its photostudio, props and antiquities. As I grew up I stamped countless slides and helped to set up car shootings in the studio, and the race virus picked my nose. After studying marketing, we planned my step into his footprints and had the idea to restore the enormous asset of the classical slide archive consisting of his Formula 1 and sports cars pictures. Together we started to scan and restore the images and archived them digitally, making them available to the numerous demanding fans and editors, presently with more than 120,000 images online from then and now. When I think about it, there are so many good and horrible stories told within the photos, it is just stunning to browse through and again finding another yet undiscovered gem with a touching story behind it, filled with blood and joy, passion and fate… Peter Haubfleisch found some powerful images and fitted them together very sensually to accompaign his great chilling music!

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