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We sturen je per e-mail een wachtwoord toe. Soms komt deze e-mail in je spambox terecht.

thumb_otisblankmercedesDe jongste Mercedes-rijder die ik persoonlijk ken telt 38 lentes en staat op de payroll van een verzekeringsfirma. Stellen dat De Ster te lang op zijn vergrijzend cliënteel geteerd heeft, is dan ook een understatement van formaat waar de volgende A-Klasse dankzij verschillende carrosserievarianten iets aan moet veranderen. Maar is het kwaad in tussentijd al niet geschied? Zowel Audi als BMW zijn Das Haus in de rankings gepasseerd terwijl de cool cats zich vooral op oudere Benzen storten beter dan hun nieuwe tegenhangers. Getuige daarvan dit prachtige verhaal met dito fotografie van beeldenmaker Otis Blank.

From the day I lost the BMW I was on Craigslist every day, searching for anything interesting with my budget of $2000. I had decided I didn’t need to own a sporty car again, though I certainly didn’t rule it out. I would be perfectly satisfied with something like an E28 BMW 5-series, or even a 1970s or 1980s Mercedes sedan of some sort. A couple of months went by, and I didn’t finding anything worth even looking at. Then one night I saw the ad: 1966 Mercedes – $1325. I had seen other Mercedes ads for pre-1980 cars, but they were either rusted out and undrivable, or too expensive. I clicked the link, not expecting much. What I saw was a perfectly good W108.

From the small Craigslist photos, I might have even said it looked mint. I thought to myself, this is too good to be true, there has to be something majorly wrong with it. Based on what I saw in the photos, a price of $13,250 seemed much more likely than the advertised price of $1325. As it was 11 o’clock at night when I saw the ad, I decided it was probably best to wait until the next morning to call the seller. The morning finally rolled around after I spent the entire night dreaming about the car. I called the seller, no response. I called again, no response. At this point I was worried that the car had already sold, even though the posting had only been up since late the night before…

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