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We sturen je per e-mail een wachtwoord toe. Soms komt deze e-mail in je spambox terecht.

Hoe oprecht ze ook lijken, zelfs de knapste roadtrips van gerenommeerde titels als CAR & EVO zijn opgezet met steun van het merk in kwestie. Al was het maar omdat de constructeur een tot in de puntjes geprepareerde persdemo moet afleveren, en in geval van nood zelfs de oorlogskas opentrekt om de reis tot een goed einde te brengen. Frank Strothe van het Duitse Pure Classics doet het net even anders…

Om te beginnen catalogeert ‘s mans keuze van wagen onder het kopje ‘avontuurlijk’:

To make the trip worthwhile I needed a slightly more adventurous ride: what better choice than an original, unrestored Porsche 911? I was given various tips on how to make sure the first leg of my journey wasn’t to be my last. Recommended equipment included a portable heater, a satellite phone, auxiliary fuel tank, additional lights and a crash course in basic mechanics. Perhaps a little naively, I ignored them all. I wanted a ‘pure’ experience, so I checked the battery and alternator, fitted spiked winter tyres and packed a sleeping bag and tent into the front luggage compartment. No more messing around, it was time to get going.

Evenals zijn eindbestemming trouwens:

I’ve always wanted to go to the ‘Nordkapp’. I’ve been before, in the summer, but there was no challenge in it. So for years I’ve pondered a winter expedition; driving in the snow is more fun, especially in a classic car that relies on your driving skill to keep it on the road, rather than a host of electronic safety measures. In Finnmark – Norway’s northernmost county – mothers use run-of-the-mill hatchbacks to take their children to school in -40deg temperatures.

Nog gezwegen van een pittig voorval hier en daar:

During one refuelling stop, I noticed the tyre pressures were a little low. I corrected them and went on my way, only to spin the car while pulling out of the petrol station (much to the amusement of a bus full of German tourists). I made my getaway, ego somewhat damaged, and again began to enjoy the sprawling, empty road ahead. […] Unfortunately, another dramatic spin soon left us both in deep snow, the 911 truly beached. It turned out that the air pressure gauge at the petrol station was wrongly calibrated: each tyre had been overinflated, so the spikes were no longer effective on the ballooning tyres.

Hoe dat afgelopen is, lees je bij de collega’s van ClassicDriver!

[Photos & Quotes: Frank Strothe for ClassicDriver]