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Een klassieker tegen de muur is geen onbekende praktijk onder petrolista’s. Maar een sculptuur uit gevonden hout die – ondanks een diepte van nauwelijks 20cm – aandoet als een volwaardig 3D-model van een bekende vierwieler? Dat zouden wij zelfs onder kunst durven catalogeren. Of toch in ieder geval met stip in onze Automobilia-rubriek noteren. Met dank aan noorderbuur Ron van der Ende diebij monde van de website diskursdisko een woordje uitleg geeft.


Diskursdisko: Hi Ron. To start things off, what’s your background? When did you start painting and sculpting?

Ron van der Ende: I grew up in a small village not far from my current hometown Rotterdam. Some of my earliest memories are set in the old industrial woodworkshop where my father worked. I guess that had a big effect on me. I painted all through childhood and eventually started attending art school to become a painter. But once there I discovered I was so entrenched in my techniques and tricks that there was much more freedom in sculpture so I changed classes. I never regretted that choice but it is clear that in the long run I have come full circle to the very edge of sculpture and painting .

Diskursdisko: How do you mainly produce your art?

Ron van der Ende: I collect old doors and stuff. Old painted wood that I find in the street. I take it apart and skin it to obtain a 3mm thick veneer with the old paint layers still intact. I construct bas-reliefs that I cover with these veneers much like a constructed mosaic. I do not paint them!

Diskursdisko: What inspires you?

Ron van der Ende: For my subjects I draw from everyday life and popular culture. I’m always on the lookout for interesting subjects. Things that have something important to say or that talk to what I call my “basic boyish enthusiasm”. I do not like use the word inspiration. It sounds to much like a force outside myself. Like some mythical god given spark. I like to take a down to earth view at art.









[Foto’s: – Interview: diskursdiskoHat Tip: Petrolicious]