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We sturen je per e-mail een wachtwoord toe. Soms komt deze e-mail in je spambox terecht.

Of ze bij Greatest Driving Roads hebben meegelezen weten we niet. Maar los daarvan kunnen we het initiatief van stichter Matthew alleen maar toejuichen. Momenteel beperkt het gecatalogiseerde aanbod zich tot een handvol degelijk geinventariseerde Britse B-wegen. Maar aangezien de site het ook van zijn user generated content moet hebben, komt daar in de toekomst vast verandering in. Van DRIVRs voor DRIVRs. In ieder geval bookmarken die handel!

greatest driving roads

It all started on Friday afternoon on New Years day 2010 when my headache had lifted enough for me to go online and start planning a little driving trip. I wasn’t exactly sure where I wanted to go so I needed help. I was hoping to find a website that would inspire me with guidance from people who knew where the most enjoyable roads were. There were a few websites but nothing I felt hit the mark.

I wanted to know where the best driving roads were, what they looked like, what they felt like to drive, what to look out for and why I should be planning to drive them as soon possible. On top of this I wanted to know that the website wasn’t cutting and pasting from other sources, I wanted to know that the person writing about these road had driven it for themselves.

This website is very much at the start of its journey, I want to make the first port of call for people on the look out for that perfect road with the right balance of engaging layout, beautiful scenery and great tarmac. Every Great Road I publish on this site is a road I’ve driven and think has what it takes to be labelled ‘One of the best’.

As you read this you’ll notice I’m not a journalist, I just like driving and believe this website can serve a purpose. This is very much a personal project that I hope will grow into a very public one and hopefully other driving enthusiasts will find useful enough to get involved with.

Matthew – fellow driving enthusiast





[link: GreatestDrivingRoads]