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Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 14.32.30Wie Keiichi Tsuchiya niet kent, die heeft duidelijk nog niet genoeg DRIVR gelezen. De man die het driften zowat commercialiseerde, is hier immers al meer dan eens de revue gepasseerd – in tal van Best Motoring-producties. Maar dat de onderhand 59-jarige racer in zijn jonge jaren een video van meer dan 20 minuten opgenomen heeft over zijn AE-86 getiteld ‘Pluspy’ (?!), dat was zelfs ons niet bekend. Klaar voor misschien wel de eerste driftvideo ooit?

Tsuchiya himself honed his skills doing deliveries for the family metal shop, and was very much an “everyman” driver as his racing career began in 1977. I’m not sure what compelled him to strap a camera to a Toyota AE86 and head through a touge (mountain road) at breakneck speed, but the resulting 1987 video release, Pluspy, got him suspended from racing and helped spark an incredible chain of events.

After Pluspy, he served as the inspiration for the main character in the Initial D manga. He was a consultant and star in the (initially banned) Megalopolis Expressway Trial films, was the title of one of the very first—and most influential racing video games—Shutok? Battle ’94 Keiichi Tsuchiya Drift King, and was a longtime host of the Japanese VHS car magazine Best Motoring. Founder of the world’s first drifting championship, too. [Source:]