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We sturen je per e-mail een wachtwoord toe. Soms komt deze e-mail in je spambox terecht.

Zeg het niet tegen collega Nils (die al meer tijd aan zijn Lego-911 gespendeerd heeft dan hem lief is), maar eenmaal zo’n setje af is, doet het niet bepaald veel. Beter is het om meteen een elektromotor met afstandsbediening te monteren. En als je toch bezig bent, nog wat versnellingen en differentiëlen op de koop toe. Net als de Poolse blokjesmeester Sariel, die net klaar is met zijn custom RC Land Rover Defender 90 oftewel de Lego-kit die alle andere Lego-kits overklast.



Model of the legendary Land Rover off-road car. Features 4×4 drive, steering, 4-speed transmission, live axles suspension, remotely locked central and read differential, working turn signals, lights and custom stickers.

Completion date: 31/04/2016
Power: electric (Power Functions)
Dimensions: length 59 studs / width 28 studs / height 35 studs
Weight: 3.24 kg
Suspension: live axles
Propulsion: 2 x PF XL motor via a 4-speed transmission and central differential
Motors: 2 x PF XL motor, 1 x PF L motor, 2 x PF M motor, 1 x PF Servo

On the technical side the chassis consisted of two live axles connected to the front and back of my sequential 4-speed RC transmission. The transmission was connected to the driveshaft via a central differential which could have been locked remotely using pneumatics – along with the rear axle’s differential. The front axle lacked from insufficient room, as demonstrated by the PF Servo motor, and its differential couldn’t be locked. The front and rear axle had their shock absorbers set up differently, with the rear axle being harder to support the rear-heavy body. To help with the weight distribution, I’ve placed a spare wheel on the hood rather than on the rear door – but it could be installed there as well. The entire model was propelled by two PF XL motors powered by just a single 8878 battery, on assumption that with huge gear reduction and 2 SBricks it would be just enough. And it was – but sometimes, when negotiating a particularly difficult obstacle, the model’s LEDs would go out for a moment. The two XL motors were hard-coupled using knob gears and connected to the transmission which was shifted remotely using one PF M motor. [Read more]