Chris Harris groet DRIVR (en de Yeti) op evo.co.uk !

Voor iedereen die dacht dat we uit onze nek aan het kletsen waren met dat Chris Harris-verhaal… Check de (gecopy-paste) blogpost die vandaag op evo.co.uk verschenen is – getekend Chris ‘Monkey’ Harris die nota bene de 24 Uur van de Nürburgring rijdt met niemand minder dan Walter ‘Porsche-Testfahrer‘ Röhrl in een quasi-standaard Porsche 911 GT3RS…



How’s about this for random.

I’ve got time to kill between a race and a test at the ‘Ring, and I have a beautiful, blue GT3. It’s raining, which means the Tourist-fahren is pretty quiet, so I decide to head down to the circuit to do my first public laps in several years. I’m not mad-enough for them now: all that crashing and insanity is far worse than any motor-race.

After my second lap, a Belgain chap comes up to me and says he reads EVO, and that he has used a column of mine as the inspiration for his trip to the ‘Ring. Expecting to see a fast Porsche or BMW, he then shocks me.

Because he then walks me over to a Skoda Yeti:

“You said it was an EVO car, so this seemed the right place to find out.”

He seemed to like the car, and unlike most of the other drivers, hadn’t managed to bury it in the Armco, so he must have been doing something right.

I’m loving the Yeti more-and-more now. It looks funkier by the day.

Here’s the story: if anyone can speak Belgian (not sure which flavour this is). Hope he doesn’t call me a knob-jockey: that would be embarrassing.

Jaja, ‘t is dat drift-shot met Cedric aan het stuur dat het hem gedaan heeft…!


[Blogpost: Chris Harris voor evo]

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8 Responses

  1. ElmoTheElk says:

    evo is dood, leve DRIVr! 😉

  2. Duckie 'RS says:

    He sure ain’t no knob-jockey!
    ( http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=knob-jockey )

    En verdorie, die GT3 zag er goed uit…

  3. aeromax says:

    dien Harris heeft mij met zijn DR-filmpje doen YES zeggen tegen Morgan:
    “Would you like to pick up a cancelled build-order for an Aeromax sir?”

  4. Mee says:

    @Duckie ‘RS: geweldige link :).

    “A Homosexual. Imagine a man riding a horse. Now replace that horse with a man.

    The horse rider is the “Knob-Jockey”.”

  5. Fastflupke says:

    RESPECT van EVO voor de Drivr gang …

  6. Ben says:

    Ronduit schitterend, props!!

  7. Martijn says:

    Hahaha, geweldig verhaal, heerlijk! 😀

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